Windows 10 has a major problem but Microsoft is working on a fix

Windows 10 has a major problem but Microsoft is working on a fix

August 5, 2019 Off By wca-pvt

Windows 10 comes in a number of editions such as Education, Enterprise, Pro and S Mode.

The latter released back in 2017 and provides a minimalistic Windows 10 experience.

Windows 10 S Mode comes pre-installed on a number of different PCs such as the Surface Go for instance.

The software works similarly to other Windows 10 variants but only allows apps to be downloaded through the Microsoft Store.

This means users are unable to obtain programmes over the internet – Microsoft argues this allows S Mode to provide a smoother experience and be susceptible to less malware.

However, S Mode certainly has its limitations, especially as popular applications such as Google Chrome are not present on the Microsoft Store for instance.

Switching out of S Mode can typically be done in seconds with the press of a button, however it seems some users appear to be stuck with the minimalist operating system, at least for now.

A number of Windows 10 users have taken to Reddit, Twitter and Microsoft’s support forums to declare they are unable to remove themselves from the limitations of S Mode.

One user declared their PC was failing to load the “switch out of S Mode” screen on Windows 10.

Discussing their problem, they said: “I recently bought a Asus Vivobook Flip with Windows 10, but when I started it up for the first time, it was in Windows 10 in S Mode.

“After some research online I’ve been attempting to switch it over to the standard Windows 10. When following step by step guides online, I’ve found that the ‘switch out S Mode’ screen in the Microsoft store doesn’t seem to ever load (I’m just left with a blank screen without the loading circle in the middle).

“I’ve tried endless different ways to do this, and done endless research, and for some reason I’m making no progress.”

A number of other users have also complained of the screen similarly failing to load.

A Windows 10 fan stated: “The option is not loading up in the store. It’s just a blank screen.

“Have tried numerous times, including after a hard reset. Rest of Windows Store works fine, but blank screen on ‘Switch out of S Mode’.”

Another declared: “I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Go for travel, and although I’m enjoying it thus far there is a need to switch out of S Mode to install one or two additional programs.

“I’ve followed all of the steps to reach the ‘Switch Out of S Mode’ screen in the Microsoft Store, however, the page never loads. Instead, it shows a blank store screen. Is there any other method to reach this area of the store?

“Additionally, I’ve tried prior to updating Windows and after updating Windows with no luck.”

Microsoft has acknowledged the issues some users are having with S Mode and has insisted it is working on a resolution.

Windows Latest spoke with Microsoft Support, the outlet was told: “Microsoft is aware that some users are unable to upgrade to Pro Edition or switch out of S mode as a result of this blank page.

“We are investigating the cause and when a resolution is available the Store will update without any user action necessary.”

It is currently unclear when the Windows 10 fix will be issued to users.